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Volunteer at Innovation Kitchen

You may be a writer artist, small or big investor, entrepreneur, academic, school teacher, ecologist, food technologist; agricultural, veterinary, human or microbiological scientist, engineer, fabricator, student, a vendor on the street, shop keeper, householder, translator, government servant, corporate executive, lawyer, manager of an incubator, a start-up, or just a farmer, pastoralist etc.How to Volunteer for The Innovation Kitchen Network -

You can do many things and you can do them from anywhere:


You don’t have to be very clear about what you can do to begin with, but it must be clear whether you want to contribute voluntarily or as a paid intern, at the Innovation Kitchen premises or from your own place, online or off line, or just want to spread the good word.

It is possible that when you study the activities, participate in some, you begin to appreciate better which aspect of our work resonates with your spirit.



What Can You Do?


You can translate local ideas to English and vice versa

You can transform local knowledge, ideas and traditional practices into value added products/services

You can tweak many challenges posed at student unit and help young students design better solutions.

Lots of knowledge need to be transferred from one creative community to another. 

Apply to Volunteer


You can mentor budding start-up in and connect with right partners to help expand the reach and resources. Or Write or draw or paint or illustrate stories to help spread values of innovation and compassionate creativity. There are so many other ways volunteers can help trigger a node of the Network in respective region. 




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